Differentials and axles

Don’t ignore the other parts of your drive-train!

At Torquay Transmissions our expertise goes beyond gearboxes and clutches. Transmission problems can occur in your differential or trans-axle too, whether your vehicle is front-wheel or rear-wheel drive.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, outstanding workmanship and great value for money.

Our services include differential reconditioning, repairs, modifications and conversions to all types of

• Rear-wheel-drives

• Front-wheel-drives

• Four-wheel-drives

• Light commercial vehicles

• Farm, service and industrial vehicles

Our skilled and fully-qualified technicians will look at your whole drive train, and check for any problems that may occur. They are fully able to service all components, repair any faults, and install top-quality replacement parts where required.

• All aspects of differential repair and reconditioning

• Same-day service

• Warranty on all replacement parts and workmanship

• Free road test and no-obligation estimate

• Reconditioning and exchange units

• Diff lockers and Limited-Slip differentials

• Conversions and ratio changes

• Housing and axle straightening