4 x 4 transmissions

Torquay Transmissions are the experts on complete drive-train care for all types of 4x4s.

• Recreational off-roaders

• Farm vehicles and tractors

• Off-road work vans

• Construction vehicles

• All-wheel-drive passenger vehicles

• 4wd sports cars

We look after your 4×4 so it will look after you.

Four-wheel drive vehicles demand rugged performance from their transmissions – especially when used for off-road driving or towing.

We are the experts in servicing, repairing and rebuilding 4×4 gearboxes, clutches, drive shafts and transfer boxes for all makes of cars and recreational vehicles. Whether your vehicle is a dedicated off-roader or a high-performance four-wheel-drive car, at Torquay Transmissions we understand the importance of transfer box, locking hubs and all related aspects of 4×4 transmissions.

Professional diagnosis and repairs

Our fully-trained technicians are experts in all aspects of

• maintenance

• fault diagnosis

• draining and refilling fluids

• repair and refitting

• parts and unit replacement

for all 4×4 gearbox and drive-train components.

Advice and upgrading

Come to Torquay Transmissions for advice on maintenance of your four-wheel-drive gearboxes and drive-trains. They work hard to earn their keep, so keeping them in good condition will pay dividends in economical, fault-free driving.

Talk to our expert technicians too about upgrading your kit. We are happy to discuss replacement of original components with higher-rated or heavy-duty items for particularly hard conditions.